A  very special thank you letter- and story of a KCHS shelter dog. 

8 years ago my husband and I adopted a 2 1/2 year old dog from your fine organization named Gremlin (and apparently prior to that, Cody). We were his third set of dog parents as he was a runner and too difficult for his previous owners. A year after we had him, we sent you a letter letting you know that he was thriving.

And today, I was thinking of the day we adopted him, and how kind and patient you folks were (there was even a very sweet, young boy who bathed him for us (so great to see a young person being involved in pet rescue) and how lucky we were to have found this perfect, gentle soul. I wanted to reach out again to not only let you know that he is well, and VERY much loved, but to thank you once again for all the hard work you do.
We named him Jack. And, although I have been blessed with many dogs in my 51 years, he stands out as one of those special souls who has stolen my heart. Alas, these days he's showing his age. He blew out his ACL joint about 6 months ago and after looking at all of our options, we settled on a custom orthosis device to support the joint and he is doing pretty well. We are continually working with the company that makes these devices and I think we have finally found the perfect fit and he's using that leg and playing and walking almost like he used to do. It's been an astounding expense and a lot of work, but we love him. And he gets adequin shots every three weeks to ease his discomfort. So although, like my husband and myself, he is aging and dealing with the little discomforts that accompany that, he is doing really well. Most importantly, he remains one of the greatest joys of our lives.
So, I suppose what motivated me to send this is that I imagine you don't often really know how the animals in your care fare in the log run and whether or not your efforts make a difference.
But I want to let you know that, at least in this case, they did. You were all so caring and so professional and you made adopting Jack a pleasure. 
So, frankly, by the time we came to you, I was exhausted from seeing so many shelter animals living in such indifferent circumstances that I was ready to give up. But your staff completely turned me around. There was a woman - I embarrassed that I cannot remember her name as she was so wonderful and kind, who patiently let us take every potential dog out into the play area (that I believe was dedicated to her husband) and meet and play with our resident dog who we brought with us, to see how they might get along. I think the whole thing took hours, but we never felt rushed and I always had the feeling that the dog's welfare was the priority.
So thank you! Thank you for being such an exemplary shelter for homeless pets. And thank you for not forgetting that each of those little souls in your care are worthy of a good home and that you never know if the next folks to walk through the door might just be the perfect fit. You showed such love and commitment to the animals in your care, and your facilities were so well tended, that you helped this jaded, and disillusioned person find the best friend she was searching for. Had you been anything less, I might have walked away, because at that point I was feeling hopeless in ever finding the right dog for me.
So bless you all. I support you financially when I am able and always refer folks looking for a new companion to you, although I live in a town with it's own shelter. But my experience with you makes me trust that anyone visiting your facilities will get the best help possible.
So thanks. Again - I wish there was another way to say it - but that's it - THANKS! And know that the work you do matters. It mattered to Jack. And I hope that having met him through you, his life is infinitely better because you guys trusted us and made his transition into our lives feel like we had the care and support of all of your staff.
So, because I cannot say it enough, THANK YOU. Even when you're discouraged, or begin to think that you're alone in your belief that these animals matter, know that you DID make a difference. I know there are countless more success stories, but I know for a fact that you helped at least one, deserving, and amazing dog find his place in the world where he is cherished and valued and loved every single day. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE TO THIS ANIMAL. Without you, well...who knows what would have become of him. You kept him for months before we adopted him - I understand what that means to an organization such as yours - keeping him as long as you did means funds being depleted, etc. I get that. But it paid off. And I salute you all in everything you do. And I am sure that when Jack cuddles next to us, under the covers, in bed every night, he's pretty pleased how things turned out as well.
You have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation in ways I cannot even express,
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Dolly was brought to the Knox County Humane Society as a stray she was here for a bout a week or two then she found her new loving home.


Kaylnn was picked up as a stray in early 2014 by Animal Control.  Kaylnn had severe mange which KCHS treated she was then spayed and put up for adoption.  It took 4-5 Months but FINALLY Kaylnn found her Furever home.

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Max was picked up as a stray but the police officer pictured to the right with his family.  The officer stated that if Max was not claimed by his owners that he and his family would want to adopt the dog.  A week later Max became a new addition to  this family.